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Life Changing Acts of 2018

Just a few gems I'll be taking with me into 2019 because they brought more clarity into my life than ever before. I'm not keeping these bad boys to myself!

Look, these things might not seem like rocket science. Heck! You might already be doing them... and then I ask, where was the memo?! BECAUSE THESE FEW ACTS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE THIS YEAR!!

So, I'm just gonna get right to it!


My loving partner got me onto this one. Because I think it's funny, I will share...

I'm a therapist, a "spiritual healer" (whatever you want that to mean, or whatever that actually means?!) ANYWAYS, I'm the one that's into energy and all the woo woo stuff your heart desires, but it was him that got me onto this!

The conversation went a little something like this:

"Of course I shower at night! Why would I want to make our bed all dirty with the day that's already done?!"

That was actually all there was to the conversation, because I was busy picking my jaw up off the floor thinking to myself, OF COURSE. OF COURSE I want to wash the day's energy off and come to bed squeaky clean and cleansed and ready to sleep without carrying around the day that has just passed.

He is forever more wise than I, and it's something I continue to come to terms with every single day.

*Don't worry, he doesn't go online much or read any of my stuff, so let's keep that to ourselves, shall we?


Croissants are good too. Coffee... even better. The trio - OH BOY <3

Guys! I know the science and the research behind this one. I recommend it to clients ALL THE TIME. I even love writing myself, and yet, 2018 was my year!! If you are someone that lives in your head or suffers from perfectionism, or really if you're just human, journalling is life changing, my friends! It doesn't have to be for ANYONE but yourself, but man oh man can our minds play some games with us, and to write it out and to SEE the stuff we have spinning around up there... worth writing it down to set yourself straight. I promise... try this one out.

Worried about others reading it? Or what will happen to it when and if you should pass? Have a close friend be your promise person to burn those things. My sister is my burner. Now you all know that she HAS TO DO THAT! Sissy... you MUST!


*kind of a tag on to #1 hot showers before bed, and #2 come to think of it, but so much juicier.

I am a fly by the seat of your pants gal in my personal life and it can feel a bit much at times. I may have sticky notes everywhere to keep me on track with my newly minted routines, but they have brought SO MUCH MORE EASE into my existence (and my partner's! so much so he doesn't mind the sticky notes everywhere)!

Want an example of one of my routines?

PM Routine - Dry Brush, Hot Shower, Cream, Tea, Journal, Legs up the wall and Bed (I'm not even going to share what time I go to bed because it's embarrassingly early, but that's also saved my sanity). Sleep is VITAL, friends!

*If you can do one yoga pose the rest of your life, let it be legs up the wall... the benefits are endless, but again, a post for another time. I owe you two more posts at this point.

AND FOR GOOD MEASURE, a forth to round it out.


This is a blog post in and of itself. It pisses a lot of people off and not everyone gets it, but tech overload puts me in paralysis, so what do I do? Have fierce boundaries.

ie. no phone between 4pm-7pm, no phone after 8pm *work doesn't always make this possible, and no phone on Sundays *this is the big gun that pisses a lot of people off and not everyone gets it... but it works for me and my family!

AND this is ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS and I can't stress that enough!


I wish I had implemented a few of these YEARS AGO, but alas, here we are, and I share in service to all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm bringing these bad boys with me into 2019!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share your life changing practices with me - would love to hear!!

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