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All your answers lie within...

An interview with past Pure Love member, Dave Swanson, Retired Elementary School Principal

Do you ever feel like there must be more?

Do you ever feel lost? Confused? Frustrated?

Do you ever feel like there's got to be another way?

After running a New Year workshop, entitled Pure Love: Your Path to Sadhana, for a number of years, it was clear there was a desire for more!

There was an overwhelming yearning from students wanting to dive deeper, learn more, and take the process into their own hands! Pure Love is an exploration of the Self and evolved from a simple three hour workshop that set people on a path; a path they wanted to explore more.

This is a journey that moves with you to create sustainable change in your life.

I believe it is our duty to do our Self-work.

I also believe that Self-exploration is a deep form of Self-care and Self-care is the gateway drug to Self-Love!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have more clarity? More ease? More peace?

Have you ever wished you could move through the world in a different way?

Are you a seeker? A dreamer? A believer? Do you wish you were?

Have you lost your way? Or feel like you've taken a wrong turn? 

Trust me... you're exactly where you're meant to be.

This is an exploration. It's an offering. It's a response to what I've heard from friends, family, clients and complete strangers wanting to take back control of their lives. It's what I personally needed to completely shift the direction my life was going in.

This program will give you insights and awareness about yourself that no one could ever give you! It's a way for you to step into your power! No matter where you are on your path, this exploration is designed to meet you exactly where you are.

Moving with the cycle of the seasons, the elements, the moon and the chakras, you'll get grounded - building a strong foundation that is safe and supportive, so that you may begin your journey, however that may unfold, uniquely for you!

There are 12 Modules that run from January to December. This slow burn approach offers you time to assimilate all your learning so that you may cultivate sustainable change. Each module has a set of videos and meditations that you can uncover on your own time. The journey will be unique to each individual and you will forge your own path. This program can be revisited year after year and will allow you uncover something new each and every time.

A testimonial with Dave Swanson:

*Transcription below...

Q: You were worried this program may be too feminine, can you speak to that?

A: I mean even the term was a little scary to me, Pure Love. Love is just energy for me, it's an exchange of energy or depth of energy, so Pure Energy is another name for this course. Pure Discovery - you're getting down to a finer level or quality of your own self. That's the pure part- in this case love energy and that's really where you want to move towards. Getting past the name I thought, no, this is something that will give me meditation and I really wanted a regular disciplined meditation practice. I'm not a really self-disciplined person - I tend to get into an idea and say, good let's get into the next one. The fact that this program is based over the year, which at first I thought seemed like a long time but you need the time to process. You don't always have the beginning of the month to read things. The information comes out at the beginning of the month but you take it as you will. You let it sit with you. It's not all an intellectual trip. It can't be. Your intellectual mind is only one part of this. There's your emotional and physical mind and the levels of the chakras and it's how do you understand that and that is a process. And now, as a 65 year old that's perspective and that may change! That's fine too... I'll find out then. I wasn't too worried about it only being women - also because it was online. I more wondered can I do an online course and can this be meaningful and personal - could I open up on a computer screen like that and those were more of a challenge for me and it was great! It worked out very well and was a great experience.

Q: What was Pure Love for you? And how was the format?

A: It was a journey of self awareness. The process of beginning by going into your own past and one of the topics was peeling back the onion and the different layers and really that's what you're doing. I was peeling back the different layers on myself and never knew if it was right but there was a session on judgement don't judge it, accept it and those techniques were really valuable - they helped me gain an understanding of myself and the course gave me a language to express some of my thoughts and feelings that I didn't have a language for before this. The process gives you that. You understand better how you saw life and how you currently see it or want to. I go back to my writings and learn more each time. It's a process of going back into the self to know who you are. It gave me a better understanding of who I am. I still have bad habits and then I go back and read my writings to remember who I really am or want to be. The process is so important, it takes a year. I save it and go back to it. It's a very individual process. I liked the reflection piece every month - it was a process, my process. It takes time and it was my time and there was no rushing it. I love that I can back time and time again.

Q: What stood out for you about the program?

A: The beauty of this program is that it's mutual learning. You can't fake it. It has to be pure for the most growth to happen and you're very good at that. The success lies in you being able to stay open and neutral and you did.

Q: I believe you have all your own answers.

A: You shared your knowledge to help me find my own. You have knowledge and you share it, not as this is what you need to know, it's just here is some knowledge - now find your internal understanding and don't judge it.

Q: Could you see the shifts in yourself during the course or was it upon reflection you could see and feel it?

A: I saw a change as I went through. Interesting, this year I did a lot of supply principal work but it shifted how I showed up for people. My skills are so much better now. I can focus in so much better and be so much more present.

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