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Are You Ready For More?

This is a testimonial with Robyn Synnott, Registered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist.

*Video transcribed below.

Do you ever feel like there must be more?

Do you ever feel lost? Confused? Frustrated?

Do you ever feel like there's got to be another way?

After running a New Year workshop, entitled Pure Love: Your Path to Sadhana, for a number of years, it was clear there was a desire for more!

There was an overwhelming yearning from students wanting to dive deeper, learn more, and take the process into their own hands! Pure Love is an exploration of the Self and evolved from a simple three hour workshop that set people on a path; a path they wanted to explore more.

This is a journey that moves with you to create sustainable change in your life.

I believe it is our duty to do our Self-work.

I also believe that Self-exploration is a deep form of Self-care and Self-care is the gateway drug to Self-Love!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have more clarity? More ease? More peace?

Have you ever wished you could move through the world in a different way?

Are you a seeker? A dreamer? A believer? Do you wish you were?

Have you lost your way? Or feel like you've taken a wrong turn? 

Trust me... you're exactly where you're meant to be.

This is an exploration. It's an offering. It's a response to what I've heard from friends, family, clients and complete strangers wanting to take back control of their lives. It's what I personally needed to completely shift the direction my life was going in.

This program will give you insights and awareness about yourself that no one could ever give you! It's a way for you to step into your power! No matter where you are on your path, this exploration is designed to meet you exactly where you are.

Moving with the cycle of the seasons, the elements, the moon and the chakras, you'll get grounded - building a strong foundation that is safe and supportive, so that you may begin your journey, however that may unfold, uniquely for you!

There are 12 Modules that run from January to December. This slow burn approach offers you time to assimilate all your learning so that you may cultivate sustainable change. Each module has a set of videos and meditations that you can uncover on your own time. The journey will be unique to each individual and you will forge your own path. This program can be revisited year after year and will allow you uncover something new each and every time.

A testimonial with Robyn Synnott:

*Transcription below...

Q: What was Pure Love for you? How would you describe it?

A: Honestly, it was a getting to know myself again. It was an introduction to me as an adult. I had never gotten to know myself since I was a child - and that was just innate, not a conscious process and this program was a conscious process for me; a conscious awakening of who you are as an adult.

Q: What was the experience of Pure Love like for you?

A: I found it fun! It was a getting to know myself so I looked forward to getting to know myself better each month. I looked forward to exploring and finding new treasures about myself that I didn't realize were there.

Q: How was the format and the tech setup?

A: I loved that I could download it. I listened on my headphones or in my car and that's how I got a lot of it in. I also listened to it before bed like a meditation. I loved that there was written, audio, and visual. The variety was great. I like that I can come back to the audio and I still do two years later!

Q: Did you notice shifts/changes within and about yourself throughout the process or was it an after effect?

A: I definitely noticed. But, I noticed even more when I didn't do it. I wouldn't noticed it as it was happening, but later I'd feel less grounded, a little more anxious, my thoughts were scattered, and less focused when I wasn't doing the program. When I would do the course material, it brought me back into myself.

Q: Is this course appropriate for those who have never done any "self work"?

A: I would say I learned a lot from this course! I'd call myself an amateur coming into this and I found it all so interesting and exciting because it was all new.

Q: Who would you recommend this course for?

A: I highly recommend this course to everyone because you can come back to it at multiple times in your life, when you might need to get to know yourself again. I can already see how that may work. Since taking this course, I've become a mother and I can see where I need to go back and can already see where I've changed. I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't benefit from it. I think it'd be great for anyone to get to know themselves again to just see how it works up there in their mind! It was wonderful to better understand what makes me work, or understand why I do what I do and think.

Q: Is there a "right time" for someone to do this course?

I don't think there's a bad time! Anytime would be good. When I started this course, I was trying to get pregnant, and had been trying for a while, and feeling lost as to what would I be if that didn't happen. There were a lot of unknowns. I then became pregnant, and now after having a child, I can see there are still a lot of unknowns! So, in times when you're feeling that overwhelm, or there are a lot of unknowns in your life, it might be a good time to get to know yourself, and that's what stays with you through it all. It's a good time to come back to yourself!

Q: What would you say to those who feel they have way too much on their plate for a course...

A: In my job, I always talk about taking the time to bring your body into a more calm, less stress/fight/flight state, a more rest/digest state or a feeling of being in a safe cave and that's what this felt like! This felt like a safe activity that I could come back to that was not scary, it was calming, your voice is VERY relaxing, and it was re-assuring! That was something that amongst all the unknown and stress I knew I could come back to and it would help me find that safe calm state within my day.

Q: After completing this program, could anyone take this course as they like? They could dabble or do the deep dive?

A: Yes! I did that. For a few months I would just do the audios and saved the written and then I came back and did it all and processed it that way. I'm not someone who journals, but it felt like a journal exercise. You could do that throughout or group it. It's like a choose your own adventure. You can do however little or much you'd like. You could even do it all without the writing piece and maybe go back another year and do the written prompts.

Q: If you think back to yourself and the woman that was signing up for this course and where you are currently sitting... What do you notice most?

A: Two things: I don't feel like I get swallowed up by overwhelm as often. I am more self aware, so for instance, before I might have been overwhelmed and stressed but never understood what was doing that to me. I was just getting swirled up in the craziness of the world, but now I can understand WHY certain things upset me, or for example, if I'm feeling overwhelmed I can see that a certain event has happened at the same time as something else and it's actually something that's ALWAYS bothered me. I just feel less swallowed up in it all. And secondly, in the cases where things do get overwhelming and I feel I'm being swallowed up, I know how to get out of it now!

If you're ready for true transformation - I want to chat! I KNOW that whomever is meant to be in this year's program will be there. If you're the slightest bit interested...

BOOK A CALL. Let's chat. Sign up. Do what you need to do to make sure you're a part of this transformative year ahead!

With love + support,


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