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Trauma Informed Movement and Presence

Next In-Person Training: Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Supporting yourself and others through traumatic stress.

Learn to be a steady, safe presence in your classroom, workplace, practice or family

with proven holistic tools from a registered psychotherapist.


Presented by Maddi Rundle, RP
Registered Psychotherapist & Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

Trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, trauma recovery, and Spiritual Direction, Maddi Rundle is both a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) + Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (CYA-E-RYT500) in Ontario, CA with a focus on trauma recovery and trauma informed care.


Next In-Person Live Training:

Trauma-Informed Movement + Presence Training

Sunday, June 4, 2023 


9 a.m. to 5 p.m. *1hr lunch (lunch is included!)

The Om Dome @ Luna Homestead

689 Sager Road

St. George, ON N0E 1N0

$500* + HST *This includes live in-person training +BONUS online training (valued over $500)

*Teachers, frontline workers and others have received reimbursement for this training through their workplace. We’ll work with you to ensure you have all the information and documentation you need to submit for reimbursement through your employer. Everyone who attends live will also receive access to the online training modules.


“As a therapist, I was aware of all these different theories and ideas but could never quite see how they all fit together. Maddi layered these complex ideas in such an easy to follow way. I had quite a few aha moments where all the dots were connected. I not only better understand these concepts  but I feel like I now embody this work, which I now understand is ultimately what serves our clients most."

Anita, Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario, CA

Trauma affects everyone.

Trauma can happen at any age when we live through anything that overwhelms us past our ability to return to a sense of being OK. 


It disconnects us from our body, from people around us and from feeling safe in the world.


Sometimes traumatic events are dramatic, like an accident, crime or a natural disaster. 


Sometimes trauma results from being directly harmed, watching someone else be harmed, living in an unsupportive environment, or being affected by trauma in your family or community. 


Trauma can leave a person feeling threatened, humiliated, rejected, abandoned, invalidated, unsafe, trapped, unsupported, ashamed or powerless — both when the event happened and long after the event has passed. 


The effects might be noticeable immediately or after a long time.


Although there may be nothing visibly wrong with someone who’s experienced trauma, it can cause long-lasting effects on the way we think, feel and handle everyday life. 


If we haven’t personally experienced some form of trauma, we’ve all observed someone else who is still struggling with the effects of trauma. 


We can’t change what happened to ourselves or others.


We can equip ourselves to skillfully spot and understand trauma in the body and its effect on our daily lives. 


We can develop the self-awareness required to safely and effectively support ourselves and others with their day-to-day functioning. 


To be regulated in daily life is an invaluable skill that will dramatically shift how you feel and interact with the world on a daily basis.

Nurse, Ontario, CA

“This has forever changed the way I see myself and feel about myself and how I interact with the world."

Parent + Teacher, Ontario, CA

"I'm so grateful for this training. It's transformed my relationship with my children."

Social Worker + Yoga Instructor

“Had no idea what to expect and was blown away. We moved. We learned. We played. I felt a freedom I hadn't yet experienced and I immediately saw a difference in how I see the world.”

Are you seeing these signs?

  • Lack of focus

  • Perfectionism

  • People pleasing

  • Confusion

  • Trouble with authority

  • Aggression

  • Nervous tic or fidgeting

  • Exhaustion/lethargy

  • Fogginess

  • Stuckness or shutdown

  • Hypervigilance or being extremely alert or watchful

  • Ruminating

  • Lack of motivation or ability to follow through

  • Rigidity

  • Oppositional or negative attitude

  • Low self-esteem

  • Clumsiness

Rock Maze

Will you benefit from this training?

My deepest hope is that as many people as possible learn about trauma, since it affects everyone.

I believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves in this arena to support and heal.

I believe you’ll benefit from this program if:

Principal, Ontario, CA

“I want everyone to take this training! It's not a textbook approach to working with trauma, it's a felt sense, heart-centred approach.
It's what the world needs more of.

Holistic training led by an expert

My name is Maddi Rundle, RP

I’ve been studying and researching trauma for years. I’ve led a successful private practice as a Registered Psychotherapist for 10 years and I’ve spent 12 years as a Certified Yoga Instructor. I’ve personally experienced trauma as a child and adult. I’ve supported clients to heal from trauma. I’ve seen how trauma shows up and creates distress and suffering in the mind, body and spirit. 


I want every person in a position of power to understand trauma so you can navigate it with open-mindedness and compassion. I want to show you the tools and practices you need to self-regulate — so that you can respond with empathy and understanding.


When you are steady in your own feeling of OK-ness, you create a sense of safety, trust, empowerment and healing. The world needs more people like you and I to do this, for ourselves and for others.


My courses have helped hundreds of people improve their relationships with themselves, others and with life. More than 150 people have completed this course, which helps you understand how trauma affects the whole person: the brain, body and the nervous system.


Every single graduate of this program is now facing life with more presence and helping create a sense of safety for hundreds of others. When we make simple shifts, we create massive positive ripples.

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What’s different about this training?

I believe healing requires us to engage the mind, body and spirit.


I take a layered approach to embodied healing using psychotherapy, neuroscience and movement.


This training is transformational because it’s educational and experiential.


We’re not just talking and listening, we’re practicing and experiencing the tools in real time together.

What to expect

Sunday, June 4th, 2023 In-Person Live Training

9 am - 5 pm
*1hr lunch (Lunch is included)

The Om Dome @ Luna Homestead
689 Sager Road
St. George, ON N0E 1N0


Not only will you have the opportunity to be in-person at The Om Dome for this round of Trauma Informed Movement and Presence training, but you will also receive the online course as an added *BONUS*!

When you sign up for this round, you get to have a day retreat at the exquisite Om Dome, an off grid yurt in the woods! It's a magical space and you get to experience the material in-person with a brilliant group of humans, who care deeply just like you do!

On Sunday, June 4th, we'll use the day to learn the foundations of trauma informed care through experiential practices. You will embody the work, rather than intellectualizing. It's a heart-centred approach.

Expect to move, to breathe, to experiment, to light up parts of your brain and body that aren't often activated in a learning environment.

According to scientists, it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, but only 10-20 repetitions if it's done in play, so expect to PLAY!

*You also have the added benefit of the online training that you can go back to at any time, as a refresher, or for more in-depth practices. The additional resources include; a manual, workbook, sample classes and templates and more!

All Hands In

Private training also available

Yes, we can facilitate a private training (*optional certification) for you and your group of teachers, instructors, healthcare workers, therapists, coaches or parents. For enquiries or to book a private group training, please fill out the contact form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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