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Hi, my name is Maddi and I am thrilled you're here.

As a Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Meditation + Yoga Teacher (CYA-E-RYT500), Mama, Intuitive Healer and Writer, I am dedicated to helping people tap back into their happiest, most truthful

+ compassionate self.

I am interested in the science, art and mysticism of personal growth + well-being and specialize in trauma recovery and resilience through movement and mindfulness.

My approach is holistic in nature. Whether it be through talk therapy, mindfulness, guided visualizations, mindset, meditation or breath work, the work is designed to facilitate you moving from a constricted place of judgement + self-criticism to an open place of

self-acceptance + compassion.

I am both educator and student and I, too walk the healing path, both personally and professionally. I share my explorations and discoveries on mindfulness + meditation, health + wellness, holistic healing and the journey of motherhood - in hopes of inspiring you to tap into your truest sense of well-being. It is one of the greatest honours to witness humans re-align with themselves, which in turn, transforms the way you interact with the world and the way the world interacts with you.

 I'm here when you are ready to shift the way you

interact with the world.

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Maddi Rundle, RP is not currently taking on new therapy clients. Please check back in late Fall.



200 hour

*Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified*

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September - November 2021




This training has sold out every year,

be sure to book your spot early.

Online Courses:

Drop by drop, step by step we'll unpack Re-Parenting together.

We all have an inner-child, the feeling part of us that yearns to be heard, to be seen, and to be accepted.

We have an opportunity to show up for ourselves in this way.

This is a journey of understanding your needs, getting them met, practicing boundaries, and healing the nervous system.

Inner Child and

Re-Parenting Course

A Four Week Course

on Becoming Your Own Hero


Next Round Starts: January 18th, 2021


Trauma Informed Movement + Presence Training 

ONLINE TIMP Level 1 Certification
with Maddi Rundle, Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor (RP, CYA-E-RYT500)

This is a holistic approach (MIND BODY SPIRIT) that enables you to better understand and support people who have experienced and now suffer from traumatic stress. Through the biopsychosocial-spiritual lens, you will learn how the impact of traumatic stress affects every aspect of our being and how you can best support the healing process. This level 1 certification will enable you to hold space that is trauma sensitive and trauma informed.

You will be able to better understand and identify trauma in the body. We must first understand ourselves and be able to place ourselves in space and time to be able to help support anyone on the healing journey. This certification will give you the tools that lead to real sustainable transformation. You will be able to help clients increase their resilience and improve their day to day functioning.

The foundation of this course lies in the development of your own self-awareness to be able to safely and effectively facilitate this work and learn how to maintain healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries. We will explore scope of practice in depth.

This training is for movement teachers and coaches, therapists and counsellors, first responders, nurses and doctors, physiotherapists and professionals working in the healthcare field. This training is for yoga instructors, pilates instructors, personal trainers and more. My dream would be for anyone and everyone to be "trauma informed".

Not only is this training beneficial for health care and movement professionals, but also teachers and parents! To be regulated and know how to use these resources in daily life is an invaluable skill that will dramatically shift how you feel and interact with the world on a day to day basis.

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**My deepest hope is that as many humans as possible partake in this training. EVERY human has experienced some form of trauma and I believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves in this arena to support one another and heal.

***THIS TRAINING IS NOT FOR PERSONAL TRAUMA HEALING WORK, nor appropriate if you are in active trauma healing.***


Upon completion of this training; you will receive a
LEVEL 1 Trauma Informed Movement and Presence Certificate.


**Next LEVEL 2 Training is now available ONLINE and will have in-person training available again when possible**



QUESTIONS? Email maddirundle@gmail.com for any/all questions/inquiries

or to book a private group training.





Workshops, Retreats,

Heal Evolve Thrive Yoga Teacher Training Program.




. self-development work .




My healing work + offerings are designed

to facilitate your moving from a

constricted place of

judgement + self-criticism

to an open place of

self-love + compassion.

Month One on One Coaching
Action Oriented . Big Goals


6 Month Group Coaching
Deep Dive into
Connection to Self + Self Healing





Therapy isn't for everyone.

I believe people can learn to improve

their well being. 

You will find a number of online courses

you can work through individually

at your own pace.

Maddi Rundle, RP is not currently taking on new therapy clients. Please check back in late Fall.



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