LEARN how trauma impacts our lives and  HOW WE CAN HEAL and support others' healing journeys.




A layered approach to embodied healing, using psychotherapy, neuroscience and body wisdom.


Trauma is anything that happens that overwhelms us past our ability to rebound back to sense of okay-ness.

Trauma disconnects us from the body, from each other, and the world.

Healing returns us to our truest sense of self, so we can live, breathe, engage and co-create with the world.

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably
the single most important aspect of mental health;
safe connections are fundamental to
meaningful and satisfying lives.”

— Bessel van der Kolk

WHO is this training for?

  • PARENTS: learn how to help yourself which will ultimately help your children and create strong loving relationships.

  • EDUCATORS/TEACHERS: learn how various experiences lead to trauma for children and adults, how to identify trauma, and how it limits our ability to learn and process and how we can help!

  • THERAPISTS: better understand trauma, ways to talk about it, be with it and how bringing the body into the conversation can vastly increase the possibility for healing and resiliency.

  • COACHES: understand why some people thrive and others get stuck - learn what's at play and HOW to best support ALL your clients!

  • INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES: learn how trauma creates disconnection from self, others, and the world, and how it influences our behavior and relationships.

  • YOGA INSTRUCTORS/FITNESS PROS/PERSONAL TRAINERS: learn how trauma shows up in your students, how to spot it and how to work with it when it’s there.

  • CURIOUS HUMAN BEINGS: if you want to understand how trauma shapes us, and impacts us all, this training is for you.


Trauma Informed Movement + Presence Training

TIMP Level 1 Certification with

Maddi Rundle, RP, CYA-E-RYT500
Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor 




Complete at your own pace.


$425 USD

*if you prefer to pay in Canadian Dollars, please email



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This is a holistic approach (MIND BODY SPIRIT) that enables you to better understand and support people who have experienced and now suffer from traumatic stress. Through the biopsychosocial-spiritual lens, you will learn how the impact of traumatic stress affects every aspect of our being and how you can best support the healing process.


This training considers the WHOLE - how trauma effects our brain, our bodies and our nervous systems. Through awareness and psycho-education you will begin to unpack the intricacies of trauma and the effects it has on our everyday functioning. You will learn the vital importance of connection, support and community. As you learn more about the nervous system and the brain, you will begin to see how we can work with our physiology through connection with others for true and lasting healing.

This certification will equip you to skillfully identify and understand trauma in the body. We must first understand ourselves and be able to place ourselves in space and time to be able to help support anyone on the healing journey. This certification will give you the tools that lead to real sustainable transformation. You will be able to help clients increase their resilience and improve their day to day functioning.

The foundation of this course lies in the development of your own self-awareness to be able to safely and effectively facilitate this work and learn how to maintain healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries. We will explore scope of practice in depth.

This training is for movement teachers and coaches, therapists and counsellors, first responders, nurses and doctors, physiotherapists and professionals working in the healthcare field. This training is for yoga instructors, pilates instructors, personal trainers and more. My dream would be for anyone and everyone to be "trauma informed".

Not only is this training beneficial for health care and movement professionals, but also teachers and parents!


To be regulated and know how to use these resources in daily life is an invaluable skill that will dramatically shift how you feel and interact with the world on a day to day basis.

**My deepest hope is that as many humans as possible partake in this training. EVERY human has experienced some form of trauma and I believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves in this arena to support one another and heal.





Upon completion of this training; you will receive a
LEVEL 1 Trauma Informed Movement and Presence Certificate.

  • You will have an introduction to what trauma is and the effects it has on our daily lives

  • You will have been introduced to how trauma presents itself and how to spot it

  • You will understand YOUR scope of practice and boundaries

  • You will understand what it means to be AND call yourself, "trauma informed" and/or "trauma sensitive" and what that requires of you moving forward

  • You will have an introduction to the physiological, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects of trauma on you and others

  • You will have a heightened awareness of YOUR self and the impact you have and the power you hold

  • You will understand the vital importance of self-regulation and co-regulation

  • You will have a new lens to look at the world through and a template for holding safe trusting space

  • You will have REAL TOOLS for REAL PEOPLE to help create sustainable transformation and help people feel more resilient and better able to cope with their day to day functioning.


**LEVEL 2 Training is also available online, led by Registered Psychotherapist, Maddi Rundle 


QUESTIONS? Email for any/all questions/inquiries

or to book a private group training.


Trauma Informed Movement + Presence Training, TIMP Level 1 Certification with Maddi Rundle, Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor (RP, CYA-E-RYT500)
Online - with homework, questions to be completed and submitted and a final assessment/overview call with Maddi. 




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