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Start Improving Your Well Being Today Through These Online Courses

"I not only believe, but I have witnessed people time and time again simply learn the tools they needed to improve their well being."



Self-Help + Self Discover 101

I often hear people say they have NO IDEA where to start. Something has prompted them to land here... curious, hungry, desiring change, and then they feel like the floodgates have been open and have no clue where to start on this journey. 

Start Here...

This simple course will give you some great places to start, to get to know yourself better and figure out this path that can often feel like Alice In Wonderland's rabbit hole. 

Take Back Control of your

Thoughts + Feelings + Actions

This course is designed to teach individuals the core skills to tackle symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) using the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - one of the recommended treatments for GAD. GAD is one of the most common anxiety disorder, and CBT has been proven to reduce worry, anxiety and physical symptoms both in the short and long term. 

You receive lessons, action plans, meditations, extra resources and email reminders.

A journey back to the Self

Pure Love is a year-long exploration

of the Self. 


This program will give you insights and awareness about yourself that no one could ever give you! It's a way for you to step into your power! No matter where you are on your path, this exploration is designed to meet you exactly where you are.​

There are 12 modules that reflect the time of year which offers you time to assimilate all your learning so that you may cultivate sustainable change. Each module has a set of videos and meditations that you can uncover on your own time. The journey will be unique to each individual and you will forge your own path. This program can be revisited year after year and will allow you uncover something new each and every time.



Looking for something you don't see here?

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Because guaranteed if you're looking for it, others are too.

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