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The distance, nor the location matter, whether it be through talk therapy, mindfulness, guided visualizations, meditation, or breathwork, the work is designed to facilitate your moving from a constricted place of judgment + self-criticism to an open place of self-love + compassion.

All this is possible from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an open heart and an internet connection. I am here when you are ready to shift the way you interact with the world.

Mama, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Meditation + Yoga Teacher, Writer.
Maddi is trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy blended with Spiritual Direction. Along with online private practice for counseling, therapy, coaching, as well as specializing in women's issues including the mind/body/spirit connection. Maddi co-facilitates a Yoga Teacher Training with fellow Yoga Instructor, Trish Dingman entitled, HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE. Beyond facilitating in-person events, Maddi co-founded Ebb+Flow Wellness. with Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Robyn Synnott. Her first online self-development course, Pure Love© successfully launched in 2015. The improvement in clients' lives was remarkable and allowed Maddi to see the impact Pure Love truly could have. Maddi thus began improving, expanding, and rewriting Pure Love, which will relaunch as The Higher Power Academy in 2020. 

Maddi believes in the power within each and every individual and works to help clients tap back into their power while supporting them in their journey of self-discovery. Her gifts lie in her curiosity and genuine care for others, their stories, and their need to tell them in a safe and supportive environment. She connects with people's essence, creates that safe space for people to truly begin sharing themselves, and perhaps for the first time, begin to voice their true feelings. Maddi recognizes that this doesn't always happen through talk therapy, so her approach is holistic in nature and brings many modalities into the healing work. Some of these modalities include mindfulness, guided visualizations, mindset, meditations + breathwork.
Empathy, creativity, and a no BS approach are what drive Maddi's thoughtful and intuitive lines of inquiry. Her aim is to create movement in and within her clients. This is achieved through her ability to ask tough questions and dive into the vulnerabilities of life with her clients. She connects. She bonds. She listens. She has an innate ability to meet people exactly where they are so that they may begin to embrace who they are in this exact moment. This is where the healing process begins.

And the most powerful part? You can do this from the comfort of your own home, through online therapy/e-counseling and self-work programs.

See FAQs here for more details.

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